History of the Castle The Nove Merli

The Nove Merli feudal castle dates back to the middle ages. Initially conceived as a military garrison within the  Castellata di Piossasco (which used to be formed by three castles), it was built to control from above the road between Turin and Pinerolo.

Relics of the original settlement are the ruins of the Gran Merlone, destroyed during the Marsaglia battle of 1693, against French troops. Next to the ruins is Palazzo De Rossi, an unfinished palace of the XVII century.
The family of the earls of Piossasco, first owners of the castle, expanded into nine branches the most numerous of which, the Piossasco De Folgore originated nine separate lines, giving rise to the legend of the Nine Merli  (blackbirds in Italian).  An influential dynasty over the centuries, it became one of the four counties of the House of Savoy in medieval Piedmont. In fact, a family representative attended every important event at the  Savoy court.
The last descendant of the family was Gabriella Delfina Piossasco from None, who inhabitated the castle until her death, in 1933.